Dr. Pam Vogel To Be 14th Superintendent in Region 1

Dr. Pam Vogel To Be 14th Superintendent in Region 1
Posted on 05/31/2016

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Dr. Pam Vogel To Be 14th Superintendent in Region 1


The All Board Chairs Committee of Region One (ABC) is pleased to announce that the seven school districts that comprise the region have voted to appoint Dr. Pamela Vogel as their next Superintendent beginning July 1, 2017. Dr. Vogel will serve as the 14th Superintendent of Region One since William Teague took office in 1939 and will take over at a time of unique challenges facing our communities and the field of education. Dr. Vogel will continue in her capacity as Assistant Superintendent through June of 2017.

The appointment of Dr. Vogel marks the first hire made by the ABC Committee under the Joint Employment Agreement for the Superintendent of Schools, signed in 2015 by the boards of education of the towns of Canaan, Cornwall, Kent, North Canaan, Salisbury and Sharon, as well as Regional School District No. 1.  Last week the ABC Committee voted unanimously to name Dr. Vogel as the finalist for the superintendent position.

In selecting Dr. Vogel, the ABC Board recognized the significant work begun in her eleven months in the district, as she has made great strides in advancing education in the seven schools that make up the region.

“Dr. Vogel clearly possesses the leadership qualifications the board was seeking, and her dedication, commitment and expertise will help guide our region during the coming years,” said Thomas Levine, Board Chair of the Cornwall School District. “Among her many qualifications for the position of superintendent of our region, none stood out more then Dr. Vogel's deep and lifelong passion for education and her desire to create the strongest possible learning environment for the students in our district,”

In March, 2016, the ABC Committee met to discuss the superintendent position and search process The committee’s foremost issue was to evaluate whether to create a traditional search committee whereby members of the community, parents, and teachers would be involved, or to utilize a search process whereby a board, or in this case the ABC Committee itself, would comprise the search committee.

Working closely with CABE Senior Search Consultant Mary Broderick, the committee ultimately concluded that a search conducted by a board itself is now considered best practice, regionally and nationally, when hiring a superintendent.  

There are a number of reasons for this, not the least of which are issues relating to confidentiality for the applicants. The ABC committee took these many considerations into account when naming themselves the search committee. The process insured that each individual town’s board of education and the Region One Board had a stakeholder in the search process. 

The ABC Committee thanks Mary Broderick, once again, for her input. Broderick, who a year ago conducted the extensive and competitive search that led to the hiring of Dr. Vogel as assistant superintendent, helped the committee evaluate all possibilities and considerations so that the strongest, most experienced finalist could be put forth for consideration. 

In selecting Dr. Vogel, the ABC continues a regional history of promoting its assistant superintendents.  Frank Samuelson served as Superintendent from 1970 to 1975, Marvin Maskovsky from 1991 to 1998, and Patricia Chamberlain from 2005 to 2017, all having served previously as assistant superintendent.

Dr. Vogel, in her previous career, worked as a teacher of students with special needs, as Director of Curriculum/Instruction, and as Principal of the Woodward-Granger Community School in Iowa. She supervised leadership development for the Heartland Area Education Agency and served her last seven years in Iowa as Superintendent of Schools of the East Union Community School District. Additionally, Dr. Vogel was a University Instructor in Iowa State University's Superintendent Licensure program. Dr. Vogel has been recognized nationally for her work in the field of education and is a recipient of the UCEA (University Council for Educational Administration) excellence in educational leadership award.

During the coming year Dr. Vogel will work closely with Superintendent Patricia Chamberlain to insure a smooth transition for our complex school system with six towns and seven Boards of Education.   Dr. Vogel will be an integral part in the search for a new assistant superintendent, a process that is expected to get underway in the Fall of 2016. The search will be led by a committee comprised of the Region 1 Board and ABC Committee members who are jointly responsible for hires below the rank of superintendent.