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  • HVRHS Career Experience Program Newsletter

    Posted: 06/19/2018

    During the 2017-2018 academic year, the HVRHS Career Experience Program established a solid resume of accomplishments.  Read the entire newsletter  here .

  • Housatonic Valley Regional High School Announces New Assistant Principal

    Posted: 06/11/2018

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE    Housatonic Valley Regional High School Announces New Assistant Principal  Falls Village, Connecticut (June 11, 2018) - After an extensive search and interview process, Mr. Steven Schibi has been selected to serve as the next Assistant Principal at Housatonic Valley Regional High School. More than 25 candidates applied for the position. Four candidates were selected for interviews, which included teachers, central office administrators, parents, board members, and s...

  • Kent Center Board of Education Approves Michelle Mott as New Principal of Kent Center School

    Posted: 05/25/2018

    Kent, CT (May 25, 2018) –  Mrs. Michelle Mott has been selected to serve as the next Principal of Kent Center School, beginning on July 1, 2018. A selection process established by the Kent Center Board of Education involved several levels of interviews with board members, teachers, central office administrators, support staff, parents and members of the community. Final interviews included representative members of these same groups, with final selection made by the Board and Central Office. Mrs. Mo...

  • Alexandra Juch Appointed by the Canaan (Falls Village) Board of Education as Principal of Lee H. Kellogg School.

    Posted: 05/10/2018

    FALLS VILLAGE —On Tuesday, May 8, 2018, the Falls Village Board of Education formally selected Alexandra Juch as its new principal, effective July 1, 2018. Mrs. Juch has served as the Interim Principal at Lee H. Kellogg School for the 2017-2018 school year. From 2010-2017, she was a media specialist at North Canaan Elementary School.  Mrs. Juch has worked with staff to create the School-Community Partnership meetings during this past school year. She has also been an active participant in the Falls ...

  • Recognizing "Those Who Contribute to HVRHS" at the May Board Meeting

    Posted: 05/09/2018

    From left to right, Lori Belter, Karen Davenport, Sam Herrick, Kim McLeod, Liam O'Reilly, and Board Chair Bob Whelan.  Each of the individuals in the picture above were recognized and honored by the Region One Board of Education at their meeting on Monday, May 5, 2018 for their contributions to HVRHS.

  • 2018/19 Budget Q & A

    Posted: 05/07/2018

    If we had a surplus last year, why is the budget not reduced for 2018-19? Should we expect to have a surplus of $500,000 in the 2018-19 year? We anticipate our surplus to be $275,000 in this current year. This is because of the unbudgeted revenue for the Special Education grant, which we were advised by the state in May 2017 not to expect. Why did the consultant fees in the Pupil Services’ line increase from $27,000 to $40,000? This line item is entirely for Special Education professionals (named “consu...

  • Proposed 2018/19 Budget

    Posted: 05/07/2018

    On April 6, 2017, the 2017-2018 Budget was approved at a Public Hearing and sent to a referendum in May 2017 that was approved by voters of Regional School District No.1. The 2017-2018 budget represented: An increase of 1.83% At the time that the budget was being developed, there was no revenue expected from the State for the Special Education Excess Cost Placement Grant (ECS).The State of Connecticut, which did not have a budget, was considering eliminating the ECS and reallocating the funds to the mun...

  • Updated 2017/18 Estimated Expenditures

    Posted: 05/03/2018

    With the purpose of providing a more accurate picture of the Region's 2017/18 estimated expenditures, we have updated the Proposed 2018/19 Budget column entitled, "2017/18 Est. Expend."  Click  here  to see the latest edition of the budget.  We are publishing this document in order for our constituents to know the actual expenditures for the current year, 2017/18.  It is an administrative function to track expenses.  It is both legal and appropriate to publish these documen...

  • School-Community Partnership Meeting, May 29

    Posted: 05/01/2018

    With the end of the year approaching, the Leadership Team of HVRHS is developing procedures to address some of the questions about how grades of NYP (Not Yet Proficient) will be handled at the conclusion of the school year.  As we embrace a standards-based instructional model, our grades must reflect the learning of students, and they should certify that the student has mastered course outcomes and standards. Therefore, additional efforts will be made to allow students to demonstrate...

  • Region One Board Approves Ian A. Strever as New Principal of Housatonic Valley Regional High School

    Posted: 04/13/2018

    Falls Village, CT (April 13, 2018) -  After serving as Assistant Principal at Housatonic Valley Regional High School for more than seven years, Mr. Ian Strever has been selected to become Principal of Housatonic Valley Regional High School. The position will be vacated by Dr. Jose Martinez at the end of this school year. A selection process established by the Region One Board included approval from teachers, administrators and board members. “The Board of Education would like to thank the teac...