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About Region 1

Located in the northwest corner of Connecticut, Region One serves the towns of Canaan (Falls Village), Cornwall, Kent, North Canaan, Salisbury, and Sharon. Approximately 13,000 people live in the region's 275 square miles, the area is known for its natural beauty. Citizens of the six towns pursue a wide variety of occupations including farming, financial, legal, and academics but service occupations dominate the economy of the area. Health care facilities include a hospital and several nursing establishments. Small shops and village centers add to the local charm. Large shopping centers are within reasonable driving distance.

 Region 1 has seven independent schools: six for grades K-8, a regional Pre-K program, and high school for grades 9-12. Most of the towns have their own daycare and nursery school centers, too. Amongst the six towns there are also five well known private schools, so education is a substantial part of the local economy. With the easy access to New York City and the town's attractive terrain and character, there are many second-home owners and retired or semi-retired people in the region. Given the growing number of people who can work electronically from home and have health concerns, there is a trend among the second-home owners to relocate their primary residence to the region. This is creating a widening of diversity among the residents, the school districts have to meet the expectations of those whose families have attended the schools for generations and those who are used to large diverse schools.  Both groups have a high interest in education, and an awareness in the arts and humanities.