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Assistant Superintendent's Office

Scott Fellows & Jill Pace, Interim Assistant Superintendents
Toneisha Ramcharran, Administrative Assistant

The Assistant Superintendent is responsible for managing and coordinating the curriculum, instruction, assessment, and professional development in the schools across the seven districts in Region One. This position provides the system oversight, consistency, and vision for a majority of the activities related to teaching and learning processes and facilitates implementation of the district’s mission and goals, as established by each school's Strategic Plan for School Improvement.

The Assistant Superintendent meets regularly with the Superintendent to plan programs. Decisions and recommendations made by an Assistant Superintendent are focused on the overall operation of the school system centered on increasing student achievement. The Assistant Superintendent is to monitor and evaluate whether school programs are meeting the goals that have been established by the Superintendent, Central Office and Building Administrators, and the Boards of Education.

Student Achievement

The districts' goals center around meeting local expectations and state and federal requirements for student learning, in order to maximize student achievement and teacher excellence. The Assistant Superintendent helps ensure that districts meet their goals by supervising curriculum, instruction and assessment; developing systematic approaches to improving student achievement based on state and national tests and classroom observations; working with outside agencies to help meet all students’ needs; and assisting in implementing federal and state educational mandates.

Administration and Personnel

The Assistant Superintendent recruits teachers and is involved in the hiring process. He/she makes the final recommendations for the hiring of certified staff. He/she may assist in evaluating teachers.

The Assistant Superintendent will support the Superintendent by filling in during the Superintendent's absence.

Financial Duties

State and federal grant applications are acquired and coordinated through the office of the Assistant Superintendent. This requires timely reporting, as well as monitoring of the expenditures allowed by the grant funds. Both professional development and curriculum development expenditures are managed through the Assistant Superintendent's office.

Roles and Responsibilities

The primary responsibility of the Assistant Superintendent is to ensure that the growth and wellbeing of students are the primary focus. He/she:

  • Assists schools and school leaders with long-range strategic planning, developing system-wide plans, policies, and activities
  • Is well-versed with the latest trends and research in research based programs
  • Develops and provides ongoing coordination of district plans for professional development to maintain systemic consistency of curriculum and instruction
  • Monitors implementation of guaranteed and viable curriculum and instruction
  • Assists in ensuring that teachers are provided necessary educational resources
  • Oversees and develops grants for the consistent implementation of curriculum and instruction district-wide
  •  Evaluates programs through various assessments, including classroom reports, test scores and/or student outcomes and provides regular communication to the Region One Board of Education
  • Analyzes, synthesizes and distributes information and data related to both test administration and student data results
  • Supports the principals and teaching staff in correlating state testing to daily/annual instruction
  • Supports the instructional coaches throughout the Region through regular meetings and ongoing professional development
  • Regularly conducts individual and group meetings with curriculum and/or instructional groups, principals, departments, and others
  • Coordinates the teacher induction and mentoring program
  • Provides professional development and support to district administrators for teacher evaluation
  • Facilitates communication in the community and with Boards, Principals, Staff and The Superintendent, regarding the goals, programs, and initiatives related to curriculum, instruction, and assessment; professional development; school improvement; and program evaluation.