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Bid/RFP Opportunities

http://The following is a list of open bids within Regional School District No. 1. To view a specific bid, simply click on the bid of interest.



  Bids Due:  

Bid Opening Procedures

All bids are opened promptly on the date and at the time stated in the bid specs. All interested vendors are invited to attend. All bid openings are public and bids are read aloud and a tabulation of all bids are made at the time. Once bids are opened, no changes can be made. If a vendor realizes a mistake has been made, they are afforded two options:

1. Honor their bid as written; or
2. Withdraw their bid on the item(s) in question or the entire bid.

Bid Evaluation

It is the intent of the school district and Regional School District No. 1 to obtain the best quality materials at the lowest prices possible. In determining the best value for the District, the District is not restricted to considering price alone, but may consider any other factor stated in the selection criteria.

Bid Award Notification

Regional School District No. 1 will issue all official bid award notifications. Award notifications from any other department or staff member of the district may be incorrect information.