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Business Office

Sam Herrick, Business Manager
Executive Secretary -Michelle Curtis

The School Business Manager serves as the chief financial officer of the district under the direction of the Superintendent. He is a major part of the Central Office Team and assists in seeing that the schools meet their educational aims. The Business Manager promotes the highest standards of business ethos within the administrative function of the school and strategically ensures the most effective use of resources in support of the school’s learning objectives. The Business Manager assists in the planning and managing in accordance with the Strategic Plan for School Improvement.

In Region One, the business manager’s role is wider than financial monitoring and projection alone. Their role involves additional responsibilities such as line management of staff in relation to premises management, project management, marketing, personnel and payroll, or health and safety matters.

The Business Office serves the six elementary schools within Region One as well as the Housatonic Valley Regional High School.

The mission of the Business Office is to provide accurate, timely and customer friendly fiscal operations for Regional School District No. 1. This includes developing, monitoring and accounting for annual operating budgets and related reports; administering purchasing, payroll and employee benefit programs; coordinating district food service, buildings and grounds, transportation, and student activity programs; and acting as a liaison with community and town officials with respect to financial matters.

The school business manager is a valued part of the leadership team. He provides financial advice and support to the leadership team and school boards and has a key role in providing budget calculations and analyses. He works with the superintendent and regional and high school administrators and directors to prepare regular, detailed accounts of current expenditures against agreed budgets for the local municipalities. Most budget calculations include salary costs, service level agreements, insurance, projected maintenance costs and energy expenditures. Throughout the process, the superintendent and business manager discuss the budget closely before presenting it to boards of education. And throughout the budget process, revenues and expenses are analyzed for cost effectiveness and an assurance that both are meeting the goals of the schools served.

Mr. Herrick oversees Human Resources for non-certified staff, as well as facility & property management and health and safety management of the region. He is responsible for providing professional leadership and management of support staff, in partnership with teaching staff, to enhance their effectiveness in order to achieve improved standards of learning and achievement in the school.

Another of the primary responsibilities of the position is to assist in contract negotiations and taking delegated responsibility for financial and other decisions. The Business Manager often secures more efficient use of school resources, such as insurance and other benefits for staff, cleaning contracts, and money saving opportunities for region wide resources.

This position plays an important role in securing efficiency gains and is an integral and necessary part of the leadership function in schools. School business managers contribute well to strategic leadership and demonstrate high levels of competence in a wide range of skills.

School Business Manager’s Responsibilities:

  • Ensures that the accounting procedures within school system meet all federal, state and local requirements.
  • Oversees all district financial reports, including but not limited to:
    • Monthly board financial reports
    • Monthly list of bills
    • Annual financial reports required by the state
  • Oversees collection of all revenues and the investment of district funds in accordance with Board policy and state statute
  • In working with the District Administration and other site administrators, takes responsibility for the development, implementation and oversight of the annual school district budget 
  • With the site administrators, ensures that all student activity accounts operate in accord with board policy and proper accounting procedures.
  • Implements and manages a payroll system that meets all federal, state and local district requirements
  • Implements purchasing systems that make optimum use of district resources and meets the board policy on purchasing
  • Oversees the risk management program of the district, including recommending and securing proper levels of insurance coverage, maintenance of policies, inventory and appraisal documents
  • In collaboration with the Food Services Supervisor, is responsible for oversight of the school food services program, including purchasing, filing appropriate federal and state reports, personnel supervision and collection of revenue
  • Has oversight of the district’s transportation program including, but not limited to, negotiating transportation contracts, filing appropriate state reports, setting parent bus contracts, bus routes, stops, and maintenance of route lists
  • Annually updates the school census and retention of census records
  • In collaboration with the District Administrator, assists with the negotiation of labor contracts and the implementation of labor contracts
  • Assists the Board of Education as required, acting on matters relating to filing notices, elections, state reporting and other such matters
  • Chairs the Building and Grounds Committee

Handles any other duties as assigned