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2019/2020 Budget Statement

The proposed 2019/20 budget does not include any funding for the implementation of a new middle school sports program.  It was decided that additional time is needed to investigate and study the issue further. A broad based district-wide committee will be formed to study a comprehensive K-12 athletic program.  There have been many legitimate concerns raised about the proposed plan and it was decided that a comprehensive review should be completed before any changes to the existing program are made. Anyone interested in participating on the committee should contact Anne MacNeil, regional athletic director at amacneil@hvrhs.org.  

The Region One Board of Education places the highest priority on the health and safety of all of it’s students.  The district is making changes to the high school to make the campus more secure. Unexpended funds from the 2018/19 budget will be used to address these improvements.  The proposed budget does not include funding for an armed security officer. The Board will continue to study the need for a security officer.