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PRESS RELEASE - Region One Announces A Continuation of the Assistant Superintendent Team

Falls Village, Connecticut (April 4, 2021) - The Region One Board of Education is pleased to announce the re-appointment of Dr. Scott Fellows and Mrs. Jill Pace as the team to fill the Assistant Superintendent position for one more year. The Assistant Superintendent Search Committee, composed of all members of the Region One Board of Education and the All Board Chairs Committee agreed with Lisa Carter, the newly appointed Superintendent, that it was best to continue to work with this team as they continue to support administrators and staff in the areas of curriculum and professional learning. The strengths that each one of these individuals brings to the table due to their respective backgrounds will continue to be important as the administrators and staff make necessary adjustments to curriculum and professional learning as they transition to a “post-COVID-19” classroom environment. Dr. Fellows will continue to primarily support the curriculum and professional learning needs for Housatonic Valley Regional High School as well as for the Pre-K -12 math teachers, and Mrs. Pace will do the same for the six Region One Pre-K-8 schools. 

Scott Fellows has worked in Region 1 for 32 years. During that time his roles have included : Housatonic Valley Regional High School - math teacher and Chair of the Math Department (26 years),  teacher evaluator, TEAM mentor (in both the high school and a middle school), scheduling coordinator, and graduation coordinator; Region 1 Academic Administrator; and Region 1 Interim Assistant Superintendent during the 2020-2021 school year (with Jill Pace). In addition, he has worked with adults pursuing Doctorates in Educational Leadership as an adjunct instructor at The University of Hartford, teaching courses in teacher supervision and evaluation, empowerment of professional staff, human and fiscal resource management, and quantitative research.   

On a national level, Dr. Fellows was invited to participate as a member of the Editorial Panel for the Mathematics Teacher journal.  Additionally, he served on the Program Committee for the 2020 100th anniversary conference for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.  Most recently he has been invited to present with two colleagues at the 2021 NCTM National Virtual Convention on the topic of peer-to-peer feedback for mathematics teachers.

Dr. Fellows holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics Education from The University of Connecticut, a Masters Degree in Liberal Studies with a concentration in math from Wesleyan University, a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from Central Connecticut State University, and a Doctor of Education degree from The University of Hartford. His doctoral research focused on schools as professional learning communities and his research has been widely cited nearly in a variety of dissertations.  He has participated in Doctoral Examining Committees for doctoral candidates studying such diverse topics as improving 4th grade boys writing, the relationship between assistant principal roles and the skills required to be a principal, and the superintendent's influence on a Board of Education in the area of policy.  

Describing this continuing opportunity in Region 1, Dr. Fellows said, “I am excited to continue to work with the amazing group of administrators and teachers in Region One to continue to ensure that all students in the Region learn as much as they possibly can across a diverse range of courses and experiences.”

Jill Pace has worked in Region 1 for 15 years, primarily at Sharon Center School, where her roles have included: Library Media Specialist (current) and classroom teacher for grades four, five, six, and kindergarten. She has served as one of the Interim Assistant Superintendents in Region One during the 2020-2021 school year, working with Scott Fellows. Jill has been an instructional coach, a complementary evaluator, and a TEAM mentor. Regionally, Jill has served on the Data PLC, has helped write the middle school ELA curriculum, and worked with the regional Library Media Specialist team to develop a shared digital library for our middle school students, which has grown to serve students in upper elementary grades as well.

During the 2018-19 school year, Jill served as Dean of Students at Batcheller Elementary School in Winchester, Connecticut. Her primary responsibilities in this position included family communication, coordination of SRBI (Scientific Research-Based Intervention), implementation of Restorative Practices, and providing guidance and support to teachers and staff. 

Jill is from Litchfield, where she lives with her husband, Mike, and their two amazing children, Audra and Ethan. She earned her sixth year in Educational Leadership at Central Connecticut State University, and a Master of Arts from the Literacy Specialist Program at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Mrs. Pace is honored to have the opportunity to continue the work that she and Dr. Fellows started. She said, “I am so proud of all that we have accomplished and I am energized to be working with all of the incredible administrators and staff of Region One to ensure that we are providing the best learning opportunities for all of our students.”

The Assistant Superintendency, which had been increased to a 1.2 during the 2020-21 school year, will return to a 1.0 for the 2021-22 school year. Because the role is shared, Dr. Fellows will devote .6 of his time to the responsibilities of the Assistant Superintendency and Mrs. Pace will devote .4. The remainder of their time will be committed to their responsibilities in their respective schools. Dr. Fellows will remain the Chairperson of the Math Department and will teach AP Calculus. Ms. Pace will continue her work as the Library Media Specialist at Sharon Center School. 

Lisa Carter is excited about the opportunity to continue working with this strong team. “Once again, I thank the Search Committee for supporting this plan to ensure continuity of leadership as we transition away from pandemic classroom conditions, whenever that is possible. Given their depth of experience as educators, their ability to work extraordinarily well together as a team and their knowledge of Region 1, Dr. Fellows and Ms. Pace have been remarkably effective in supporting all of our schools this year and their work has been well-received by teachers and staff throughout the Region.”

Dr. Fellows and Ms. Pace will begin their roles as Assistant Superintendent at the beginning of the new school year on July 1, 2021.