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Screen and Stay - Revised COVID-19 Protocols

On November 4, Governor Lamont announced a new protocol, “Screen and Stay” to be used when unvaccinated individuals in schools have been exposed to a person who has tested positive for COVID-19. After a review of over a year’s worth of data collection, the CT Department of Public Health (DPH) has determined that the likelihood of in-school transmission of COVID-19 is extremely low, due to the presence of a vaccine for students aged 12+, the use of transmission mitigation practices such as wearing face masks, social distancing and frequent hand-washing and improvements to school ventilation systems. With the recent release of a vaccine for children who are five to eleven years old, an extra layer of protection will be added, thereby increasing the safety of the school environment. Therefore, the CT CPH has decided that, given the safety of the school environment combined with the importance of children being in school for in-person instruction, it is prudent to relax quarantine restrictions at this time. Since the incidence of COVID-19 in all Region 1 towns is relatively low and because there has been no in-school transmission to date in this school year, all Region 1 schools are adopting the “Screen and Stay” protocol effective immediately.

The Region 1 Safety Protocols have been modified to include the new “Screen and Stay” procedures established by the CT DPH. Please note the following:

  • “Screen and Stay” applies to unvaccinated students and staff who have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 while in school.

    • The protocol includes only COVID-19 exposure during the school day. Please take note of the situations where “Screen and Stay” will not apply:

      • having a close contact outside of school (e.g., at a party or sleepover, a household contact, etc.) 

      • in a situation indoors where masks were removed and 6 feet of spacing was not maintained (e.g., in the cafeteria, in the classroom during a snack period, mask break, etc.) 

      • during extracurricular or other activities outside the regular school day (e.g., sports, before or  after school care, etc.)  

    • Failure to follow the daily screening requirement included in the protocol will result in requiring students and staff to quarantine at home, rather than come to school.

  • The existing protocol for vaccinated students and staff remains unchanged.

The school nurse and/or the principal will continue to contact students who are close contacts of staff or students who have tested positive for COVID-19 and will assist families and staff in following the protocols. As always, if a member of your household tests positive or is presumed positive for COVID-19, please keep unvaccinated students at home and contact the school nurse.

Thank you for carefully reviewing the information included in this letter. We will be able to continue to relax practices as long as our case rates remain low. We thank you for following all of the mitigation practices to keep our students and staff safe and school. Most importantly, it remains extremely important that anyone who is experiencing COVID-like symptoms should not come to school until cleared to do so by a healthcare provider.