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As part of the special education preschool child identification service, Regional School District No. 1 encourages parents of children between the ages of three and five years, especially those who might have special education needs, to contact their town's elementary school to make an appointment for a brief screening. The screening process will also give your child an opportunity to be eligible to participate in the preschool program as a tuition student. We are excited to work with students who do have identified special needs AND students without identified special needs. We are all working on something! Region One serves children residing in the towns of Canaan, Cornwall, Kent, North Canaan, Salisbury, and Sharon. The screenings are free and take place throughout the school year within the district.


Parents who have concerns about the development of their child who is under the age of three years should contact their physician or the Pupil Services Center for more information about the Birth-to-Three referral process. Health and child care providers, nursery schools, day care centers, community/family and social service providers may also have contact with children who might be eligible for an evaluation. Those who are caring for a child or know of a child who might benefit from such services are asked to share this information with the child's parents.

Early childhood experiences and learning are important in the educational growth of children. This period of growth is particularly important for children who might have developmental delays or other potential learning difficulties. Assessments examine the areas of motor skills, hearing, vision, speech and language, cognitive skills, and social skills. Timely intervention in these cases can dramatically influence future success in school. If necessary, Region One provides preschool programs and services for children who are identified as having special education needs.

For additional information regarding early childhood screening or services, please contact Rebecca Gaschel-Clark, Supervisor of Special Education at (860) 824-5639 X1320.


Regional School District No. 1 conducts free preschool screenings for any child who lives in the towns of Canaan, Cornwall, Kent, North Canaan, Salisbury, and Sharon. Screenings are usually conducted on the first and third Friday's of each month, however, exceptions can be made to accommodate individual family circumstances.


Parents should sign their child up for a screening when their child is three years of age. However, if you missed the screening at age three, you can still sign your child up for a screening, as we screen both three and four year olds. To schedule, please refer to this chart.

Town of Residence School Where Screening is Conducted Phone Number to Schedule Screening
Canaan North Canaan Elementary School (860) 824-5149
Cornwall Kent Center School (860) 927-3537
Kent Kent Center School (860) 927-3537
North Canaan North Canaan Elementary School (860) 824-5149
Salisbury Salisbury Central School (860) 435-9871
Sharon Sharon Center School (860) 364-5153


A preschool screening provides parents with important information regarding their child's development. Therefore, we recommend that you have your child screened even if you do not have any concerns about his/her development. Our screening teams consist of a preschool teacher, Speech-Language Clinician, School Psychologist, and the School Nurse. We use the Battelle Development Screening which focuses on the areas of: physical development, social development, adaptive skills, communication skills, and cognitive skills.

Our Region 1 Preschools align curriculum and instructional frameworks to the Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards. Click HERE to get to the CT Office of Early Childhood website that provides more information!


Q. Does Region 1 have preschool programs?
A. Yes, Region 1 maintains preschool programs for all of its towns within four of its elementary school buildings.

Q. What ages may participate?
A. Our preschool programs are for children who are ages three and four.

Q. Are they for children with disabilities?
A. Region One preschool's are intended to provide a reverse mainstream environment. This means that there are children with and without special needs.

Q. How would my child or children get into preschool?
A. The first step is for the child to be screened. Region One offers a free preschool screening on the first Friday of each month. Any child who has turned three may be screened for the development in the following areas: personal-social, adaptive, fine and gross motor, communication (language and speech), and cognitive/reasoning.